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DeBerry Law Firm, LLC, provides the experienced representation you need to deal with criminal defense, DUI, traffic violations, personal injury and real estate issues.

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Experience Criminal Defense Representation In Florence

Legal issues are rarely welcome. A criminal charge, a traffic violation with a citation or a DUI, an incident leaving you with a personal injury can all be an overwhelming problem. Even a real estate transaction can be technically complex and legally confusing.

We Understand And We Can Help

At DeBerry Law Firm, LLC, we understand your reaction and we can help. Our attorney and staff assist people in the Florence County and the surrounding area with a variety of serious legal matters and we can help you deal with those same issues.

Criminal Charges Are Never Minor

Criminal charges are always serious. Whether you face a drug charge, an assault from an incident in a bar or a DUAC (driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration), you don't want to deal with the police or prosecutors on your own. South Carolina's criminal laws are complex and you may not fully understand the ramifications of the charges or offered plea deals.

Our attorney is a former assistant solicitor to the 12th Judicial Circuit and he understands how prosecutors build their cases and how they make offers. We provide experienced guidance to help you make sense of the charges and fully understand your options and devise the most effective criminal defense strategy for your case.

Injured By Someone's Negligence?

One of the most troubling legal issues to face is a personal injury. One moment you were fine, going about your daily tasks and the next, you were injured by a negligent driver in a car or truck, by poorly maintained floors in a store or parking lot or you were attacked by a dog or another animal.

Real Estate Needs?

We can also assist with your real estate need. We have many years of experience working with clients in commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Contact Our Firm Today

Our lawyer and experienced staff can provide immediate assistance for a range of serious legal issues. Don't delay, call our office at 843-773-2452 or use our convenient online form.


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