A Strong Criminal Defense For Your Charges

One mistake does not make you a bad person. The criminal justice system often places more of the emphasis on the criminal part of the equation than it does on the justice portion. Because of this, it is important to treat every criminal charge as serious, as you never know how events in the future can magnify the effects of a seemingly 'minor' charge.

Our attorney at DeBerry Law Firm, LLC, understands the law, the potential ramifications of a charge and how the prosecutor is likely going to approach a prosecution. Before he began his criminal defense practice, he worked as an assistant solicitor, prosecuting cases for South Carolina, and uses that experience to your benefit.

Experienced Representation For Your Criminal Defense

We know you are likely to be confused and probably overwhelmed by the prospect of a criminal charge. Our lawyer aggressively works to build a strong defense for your case. We have experience with a wide variety of criminal charges, including:

  • Drug cases, including serious charges of trafficking, possession and murder
  • Criminal domestic violence
  • Assault and battery
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Traffic violations
  • Fraud, often involving forged checks or check fraud
  • Criminal sexual misconduct, including involvement with minors

Long-Term Effects Of Criminal Charges

A criminal conviction can be very damaging for you future. It can limit where you can go to school, eligibility for student aid or school loans, your ability to rent an apartment or obtain a loan for a home. It also can seriously impair your job prospects. Our lawyer helps to defend your future by working to have charges reduced or, when possible, dismissed.

The criminal justice system is complex and full of risks for anyone facing criminal charges. You want an experienced guide and we can help you understand the charges, the potential outcome and your legal options.

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