Just like receiving a jury summons, getting a traffic ticket either in the mail or when pulled over by South Carolina law enforcement can make you revert to a toddler and throw a temper tantrum. But should you fight the ticket?

To help you out, QuoteWizard offers a few scenarios where it could be a good idea to dig in your heels. Know your options, so you can protect your driving record and your financial peace of mind.

You receive a ticket for the first time

Maybe you have driven for a couple of decades without getting a ticket. The fact that you have gone so long with a clean driving record could be just the thing that makes a judge or police officer more lenient when it comes to eliminating your ticket.

Your ticket was for a moving violation

Was your ticket for failing to signal a lane change, failing to stop at a stop sign or failure to yield the right of way? These are all examples of moving violations, and they are also examples of tickets you should fight. The reason being is that the judge may take your side and decide to either throw the ticket out or reduce your punishment.

You have received traffic tickets in the past

If you simply cannot afford to have your driving record take another hit, think about fighting your most recent ticket. It is quite possible that you will lose your license if you keep going down this path, so use this opportunity to not only fight the ticket, but to also make some changes in your driving habits, too.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.