The point system in South Carolina is a method of penalizing drivers for traffic offenses such as speeding or running red lights. It adds points to a driver’s license for certain offenses. If you earn too many points on your license, you could face temporary license suspension. At DeBarry Law Firm, LLC, we fight traffic tickets. We know how to uphold drivers’ rights to prevent the loss of the driving privilege.

The South Carolina Code of Laws section 56-1-5 summarizes the state’s point system. According to this law, the Department of Motor Vehicles has the power to place points against a driver’s license for committing certain traffic infractions. These points are demerits that can have negative consequences if you accumulate too many. Should you receive 12 or more points on your license, the DMV will suspend it accordingly:

  • Three-month suspension for 12 to 15 points
  • Four-month suspension for 16 to 17 points
  • Five-month suspension for 18 to 19 points
  • Six-month suspension for 20 or more points

If a driver with a learner’s permit or restricted license accumulates six or more points, he or she will lose the driving privilege for six months. The traffic infractions with the greatest amounts of points (six each) are reckless driving, property-damage hit-and-run, speeding 25 miles per hour over the limit and passing a stopped school bus. The DMV adds two to four points for more minor infractions.

Fighting your traffic ticket may be the only way to retain your driving privileges and keep insurance costs low. More information about traffic violation representation is available on our webpage.