Sometimes, pedestrians pass away when they are struck by a vehicle, especially if the driver was traveling at high speeds or the pedestrian was particularly vulnerable. Many pedestrians are fortunate to survive these accidents, but they may face a lot of problems down the road. Aside from the immediate consequences of an accident, such as breaking a bone, some may develop health problems due to the accident. For example, a pedestrian accident victim may struggle with high blood pressure, an addiction to pain medication or other hardships following a devastating incident. 

It is imperative for pedestrians to be mindful of the myriad of ways in which these accidents can turn their life upside down. Sometimes, preventative measures can ward off health problems, and working closely with a medical professional could be very helpful in this regard. However, pedestrians do not always focus on their health during the recovery process and some may be unaware of certain issues that should be given more attention. For example, someone may have hit their head during a pedestrian accident, and they may not realize that they sustained brain trauma, which could lead to additional challenges down the road. 

If you are struggling with any of these hardships in the wake of a pedestrian accident, or you are worried about how the accident may impact your health in other ways, you should immediately review your options and take steps to protect yourself. Moreover, you may need to take legal action against a reckless driver in order to obtain the resources that you will need to bring some level of normalcy back into your life.