In South Carolina and anywhere else in the world, every marriage has its ups and downs. There are some good times and some rough times. It is common to get into disagreements with your spouse and end up in an argument.

But what happens when that argument suddenly flares up and turns violent? Your spouse may charge you with a criminal domestic violence charge (CDV).

The State of South Carolina identifies domestic violence as causing harm to anyone in your household by threatening or trying to cause injury while you may be able to carry out the threat. According to Criminal Defense Lawyer, trespassing into a domestic violence shelter grounds is also as a criminal offense that may warrant civil action.

The police may arrest you even without a warrant if there is probable cause to believe that you may have committed an act of domestic violence or violated a protection order.

The punishment of domestic violence in South Carolina is different depending on the nature of violence.  There is a high penalty if you assault someone from your household with a deadly weapon causing injury or if you assault a family member with or without touching them but causing imminent fear or severe injury.

When facing a domestic violence charge, you should not trespass into any domestic violence shelter that your household member is in unless you have legitimate business there. The laws of South Carolina consider domestic violence as a misdemeanor for the first and second offense. A third offense becomes a felony.

This article is only for educative purposes. It is by no means legal advice.