When South Carolina residents get involved in wrecks, injury is likely to follow. One of the most common types of injuries are brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries in particular (also called TBIs) have large impacts on victims. Today we will look at how TBIs affect a victim’s personality. 

Many people do not think of personality changes when they consider TBI impacts. Physical changes like nerve damage or migraines are often the focus. But a brain injury affects all aspects of your life. It is not uncommon for a victim’s personality to change. This change is sometimes hard to notice. In other cases, it is very pronounced. 

The reason for these changes differ. It often has to do with the location of the brain injury or the severity of it. For example, let us say that the frontal lobe suffers damage in a crash. This area of the brain is in charge of your ability to self-regulate. People with frontal brain injuries or abnormalities have trouble controlling their impulses. This makes affected individuals more likely to lash out or act without thinking. 

Another common issue among victims is an increased temper. Victims are more likely to experience fits of anger or irritation. Combined with a lack of ability to self-regulate, this leads to victims lashing out at loved ones. 

Have you suffered an injury after a car crash or know someone who has? If so, take a look at our linked web page here. You can read more about the effects car crashes have on victims. These injuries extend beyond TBIs. They encompass many aspects of a victim’s life, so it is good to know more.