If officers arrest you for alleged DUI, no one need tell you that your best interests dictate that you immediately set about developing a good defense. Not only could a DUI conviction result in your serving significant jail or prison time, you could also have to pay a large fine. Furthermore, your conviction could make it difficult if not impossible for you to obtain the employment you desire. 

Per the Houston Chronicle, a DUI conviction could effectively end your career, possibly before it even starts. For instance, if your job of choice is in one of the professions, such as law, medicine, engineering, architecture, etc. where you need a state license to practice, your licensing board could decline to grant you one or could revoke the one you currently hold. 

Likewise, your conviction could prevent your obtaining other forms of employment. Why? Because when your prospective employers run a background check on you, the following will come to light: 

  • Court records from the court in which you received your conviction 
  • Incarceration records from the jail or prison where you completed your sentence 
  • Driving records from your home state and any other state that suspended or revoked your driver’s license because of your DUI conviction 

A DUI conviction will definitely deprive you of any job that involves driving, especially any that requires you to have a Commercial Driver’s License. If you already have a South Carolina CDL, the state will revoke it for one year following your conviction. However, if your conviction represents a second DUI conviction, the state will revoke your CDL for life.