Why Hire A Florence Attorney?
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Knowledge Is Power. And Local Knowledge Is Critical.

You may wonder whether it is really THAT important to hire a criminal defense lawyer who knows the courts in Florence County, Quinby County and the Pee Dee region.

Putting it as simply as I can, yes, it is. Having an attorney who has worked as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney in the Florence County criminal justice system means you can trust that no steps will be missed in the protection of your rights.

Is It What You Know Or Who You Know

When it comes to protecting your rights, knowing the prosecutors means knowing how they will proceed with their case. It does NOT mean they will give anyone any breaks. Only a criminal defense attorney with extensive knowledge of the local courts and cases can resolve cases efficiently and with the best possible outcome.

Former Prosecutor. Local Understanding.

I have many years of experience representing clients in drug charges, theft and property crimes, DUI and traffic cases in municipal courts in Florence County, Quinby County and communities throughout the Pee Dee region. As a local member of the legal community, I know the people, I know the procedures and, most important, I know what it takes to build the strongest case possible to get the best possible outcome.

Contact My Office In Florence

Wherever you are in Florence County, Quinby County or anywhere in the Pee Dee area in South Carolina, I am ready to help protect your rights and freedom. Call my office in Florence at 843-773-2452 or contact me by email right away.