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Don’t Take Domestic Assault Charges Lightly

Whether you are under investigation after an accusation of domestic assault or you have already been arrested and charged, it is important to have the right attorney fighting to protect your rights.

Call DeBerry Law Firm, LLC in Florence, South Carolina, immediately. Charges of domestic abuse often have an impact beyond the criminal penalties if you don’t fight aggressively to have the charges dismissed or reduced.

Your Future Is Worth Fighting For

I am a former prosecutor. When I prosecuted domestic assault charges, my job was to get a conviction quickly, which meant offering plea agreements that often looked good on paper.

But accepting a plea agreement means you are pleading guilty. Your record won’t necessarily show that the charge was the result of domestic quarrel. To anybody reviewing your history, they will see a conviction of a violent offense and may not ask you to explain.

Contact Me Right Away

I will start protecting your rights in the criminal justice system, as well as your parenting rights immediately. Call me at 843-773-2452 or contact my office by email with an brief explanation of your circumstances. I will reach out to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.