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Equipped To Challenge Any Traffic Violation You Face

At DeBerry Law Firm, LLC, I want people to understand how important it is to protect your driving privileges and your driving record.

For most people, one of the most essential privileges they have is that of a license to drive a motor vehicle. In South Carolina and throughout the rest of the nation, having a license is essential to a great many activities. From going to work, school, seeking medical treatment or running to the store, without the legal right to operate a vehicle, most of us would find many of our day-to-day actions impossible.

Americans drive more than 3 trillion miles every year. Because we spend so much time behind the wheel, it is easy to forget all of the rules that are associated with driving. The problem is, if you make a mistake and a police officer or state trooper is nearby, you could be pulled over and given a ticket. If you accumulate too many traffic violations, you could lose your license.

Save Your License And Your Ability To Drive

When you receive a traffic ticket, the DMV charges you a number of points. When you have 12 or more points, the DMV may suspend your license. Some offenses, like a DUI, lead to an automatic license suspension. At DeBerry Law Firm, LLC, I can help you aggressively challenge any traffic violation you are charged with and help you prevent points from accumulating against your license.

Serious charges, like speeding tickets greater than 25 mph over the limit as well as reckless driving generate six points for each violation. If you are less than 10 mph over the speed limit, you only receive 2 points.

But pay attention the next time you are in the car and notice how many opportunities there would be to be charged with this offense. It only takes six speeding tickets at the two point level to put your license in jeopardy. Too many violations can also lead to a charge of habitual traffic offender (HTO), and you could lose your license for up to five years.

Do You Have A CDL?

If you are a commercial driver, you know your CDL is your livelihood. Serious violations, like a DUI or a hit-and-run, can lead to an immediate one-year license suspension. Even speeding could cost you your license for two to four months and likely your job.

Another concern is overweight trucks. You can pay hundreds or thousands in overweight penalties or additional penalties for intentionally going around a scale. If your vehicle is placed “out of service” and you are found driving, you could face a misdemeanor charge. I can help you understand your options and help you save your driving privileges.

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